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Israel  Prison Industries

Israel Prison Industries acts as an Industrial organization with a social goal combining economic and social activities, which places us as a potential competitor of the labor market in Israel and abroad. Our layout of industrial parks all over the country offers a unique economic opportunity for entrepreneurs, companies and potential customers for a wide variety of activities:


    Activities in all areas of industry
Printing and carton folding
Rehabilitation groups outsourcing 
Subcontracting assembly plants
Israel Prison Industries owned manufacturing plants

Private entrepreneurship plants

This option is for business owners who can insure long and stable working relations; we will provide a suitable building and infrastructures in one of our prisons industrial parks. We offer attractive conditions of low costs like rent labor and local taxes.  

Rehabilitation groups outsourcing

As part of our advanced rehabilitation programs, prisoners who have acquired adequate personal and vocational levels take part of the workforce of establishments outside of prison, these prisoners are highly motivated to integrate in society and we offer attractive Terms of Employment.      

Variety of manufacturing plants

Our layout of plants equipped with modern machinery, managed by highly skilled professional managers and an experienced engineering team insures high quality of service and reliable products.

Production according to customer specifications, including engineering and design services of turn key projects.


Office furniture – using a variety of wood types and finishing' combining wood and metal.


Garden furniture – Pergolas, tables, benches etc.

Construction carpentry – doors and door frames , windows , cabinets , closets , beds , boxes.

Metal works – office furniture, metal cabinets, bars , barriers.

Industrial furniture and structures – safety doors , gates , bars , handrails , grids , platforms  and restoration of metal products.


Home textile - bedding, pillows, curtains, tablecloths and napkins etc.

Industrial textile - Work clothing, production of different covers (cars, computers, garden furniture), bags.

Heavy Textile - restoration of tents, sleeping bags  , kitbags, different covers.

 Printing and carton folding

High Quality all around printing services including carton folding.


 Subcontracting assembly plants

A large number of working hands and facilities are available to meet your subcontracting needs of assembly, packing and different labor intensive large projects.

We deliver attractive cost effective solutions for electronic , plastic, pluming , electric devices and carton folding plans for the local market and export. 



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Dahan hagay

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